Nulex multi-unit apartment building project is right on track

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Nulex Construction is thrilled to share the progress of our 10-apartment building project in the previously dilapidated Flash Palace site in Maitland.

Once an eyesore and a blight on the city after its interior renovation plans were deserted and the premises were vandalised, the building is starting to take shape within a few months of the construction.

We have teamed up with the developers of Flash Palace and Grand Designs Property to revitalise the site and turn it once more into one of Maitland’s iconic building.

Nulex Director, Alex Mitchell, said a range of different types of apartments will be constructed using various designs to meet the clients’ requirements.

The building will feature both one and two bedroom apartments including multi-level concepts and some with mezzanine floors.The back of the building will also feature a contemporary cantilever roof structure as part of the revitalisation project.

With the ongoing construction, we are confident the multi-unit residential apartments will be ready for occupancy come Christmas time. The Maitland people are about to see something spectacular in December.

Check out more images below and please feel to get in touch if you would like to discuss any commercial construction projects.

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