Renovations Newcastle – Don’t risk your greatest asset

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Building a home or completing a renovation can be a costly undertaking – but one that can reap financial benefits in the long run.

It is also a process that requires a long list of decisions to be made including selection of consultants such as architects or draftsmen and engineers through to interior finishes such as colours and fixtures.

The most crucial decision to be made however is the selection of a builder. This company will bring your vision to life and will be responsible for the management of your project, allowing you to reach your goals and reap the financial benefits associated with such projects.

During this decision-making process, people can sometimes forget that ‘you get what you pay for’. The choice of builder is not something that should be decided based only on upfront costs.

Nulex Director, Mark Neumann, says that a wide range of factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a builder.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is our high quality workmanship and attention to detail,” Mark said.

“Our projects are not designed for a ‘quick-fix’ satisfaction for our clients, we want them to be happy in the long-run as well.”

An example of this approach can be seen in a large extension project Nulex recently completed in Dudley, where the decision was made to recommend to the client to upsize the structural floor joists.

The engineer working on the project had specified a certain type of floor joist – which did meet the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards – however the Nulex team felt it was not the best choice.

“We were concerned that over time the floor would feel springy and the client would be unhappy with the movement,” Mark said.

“So in our quote we allowed for the change and advised the client of the minimal extra expense and our reasoning behind the recommendation.”

The client was happy to go ahead with the suggestion from Nulex and was pleased they had gone over and above to ensure his long-term satisfaction with the project.

“Of course we aim to give the best price possible to our clients, but we won’t do it at the expense of cutting corners or providing a short-term solution,” Mark said.

“Many of our clients will only build or complete a major renovate once in their lifetimes, so we want to ensure it is a memorable process – for all the right reasons!”

To learn more about the superior workmanship of the Nulex team, please contact us.

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